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EMRAX electric motors / generators

Low weight, high powered, high torque, direct drive electric motors/generators. Efficiency up to 98%


Suitable controllers for EMRAX

We are not selling the controllers. They can be bought directly from the producers.


One Man Glider Assembly

With One Man Glider Assembly you can easily put together your glider plane alone in just 15 min.


Electric planes / cars / boats

Electric planes, cars, boats and electric power stations.

Enstroj is a company which is devoted to technological development, production and sale of high-powered, low-weight, high-efficient EMRAX electric motors, controllers and other electric components.

The company's manufacturing facilities are located at Radomlje, near the capital of Slovenia – Ljubljana.

Products quality is based on the years of experiences, knowledge, care for natural environment and future-focused view.

Enstroj holds the patent for the EMRAX electric motors. Patent no.: P-201500146.

ENSTROJ was awarded with on-line  certificate of business excellence for small and medium-sized enterprises, awarded by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



The lightest and the most powerfull electric motor in the world